Programs: Illustrator, Indesign, & Figma
Deliverables: Packaging, stationery, social, website, & gallery installation

Buds combines old-fashioned letter writing with plant therapy to help combat loneliness and anxiety. Buds encompasses branding, web design, stationery, and more.

how it works

Buds’ website offers a variety of plants for you to buy and gift to someone you know. The plants are then mailed to you and your bud, and you become plant pals! This means the two of you write letters to each other back and forth. You also can become part of the greater Buds community on social media and share your story.

Buds’ brand

Knowing that Buds was going to have a lot of illustrations, the logo had to match that fun vibe. Playing with counters, negative space, and even incorporating faces were all fun, but the simplest ideas are sometimes the best.

Buds is heavily illustrated so 8 colors in total were selected to represent the brand.


Three boxes were explored. Buds needed small, medium, and large sizes for the various plants they sell. As for the designs, capturing the illustrative brand was key.

There is also an example of an opened medium box with a plant wrapped up inside. Each box size is themed and unique. They are then sealed with Buds’ colorful and compostable tape!


Buds has five different cards! Some cards stayed more generic so they can be used for a variety of occasions and yearround.

There are also seasonal postcards to spice things up. The back of the postcards has their space divided by a pot to carry on the fun Buds style.

36 stickers were created. They are cut at various sizes but the larger stickers tend to be about two inches tall.


The account is a mixture of testimonies from the Buds community and tips for caring for various plants. The first few posts are more like “sneak peek” posts to get started.


The relationational aspect of Buds is emphasized through the plant photography. That is why the plants are being held rather than just sitting on a table.

The website was made on Figma and played as a video in the gallery. Six pages were made in total: Home, Shop Plants, Shop Paper, About, Golden Barrel Cactus Care, & Products Page.


Buds let me embrace my illustrative passions. As you can see, there are a lot of drawings and smiling faces sprinkled throughout my project. Creating all these happy drawings was not always easy, but it gave me delight because I love illustration and plants. Combining the two was a dream come true! I was able to put my personality into the project and have fun with it.