Expressive Type Booklet

Dimensions: 7.5" W x 4" H
Programs: Illustrator + Indesign

This booklet has a selection of five words that describe personal passions for design. Each word is created in a different classification and the cover displays a personal monogram. For each word, careful thought was taken when pairing them with a classification and designing them so that they could reinforce the idea the word is conveying. The justifications for those choices are written in the two paragraphs below the words.

Elements of the booklet were worked out physically before taking things to the computer and digitizing. Exploring ideas by hand first led to more in-depth ideation. Then the sketches were able to be refined and finalized on the computer.

The challenge with this booklet was maintaining unity within the variety. Since each word was created in a different style, the uniting thread was the peachy red. By using that color and its tints on every spread, the booklet was able to read as one.

The horizontal layout was chosen to give a showcasing effect to the typography, revealing the new word as one opens to the next page. Lastly, the booklet was assembled with black thread and a textured, creamy paper. This makes the experience of physically flipping through the book that much more engaging and fun.