Mod Gen Website Redesign

Program: Figma
Mod Gen takes the classic general store and adds a modern twist. They offer unique products from local artists, but are primarily a plant store, selling a variety of houseplants to take home with you after you visit.

Mod Gen’s website needed a modern twist as well. Their old site suffered from being boring and monotonous, clashing with the modern and funky aesthetic of their store. But this redesign livens things up through color, typography, and photography so it could truly represent Mod Gen.

popping out

There are a lot of plant store and home goods websites out there so making sure Mod Gen pops out was the challenge. By focusing on being bold and bright, Mod Gen is able to shine out from the soft and light aesthetic of their competitors. This was done through use of eye-catching colors, playful photography, and an enormous typographic style.

finding the funk

This redesign focused on the three main pages of the website: homepage, about us, and the air plants detail page. In those pages, finding small ways to add some funk to the site was an experimental process. Through this experimentation came the creation of interesting shapes that were later sprinkled throughout the site.

By having fun with the contrast of the organic nature of plants and geometric nature of Mod Gen’s logo, the shapes bridge those vibes in a funky way. Coming up with unexpected details like that spurred the creation of the other features on the site like buttons and hoverstates.

the solution

Through popping colors, bold typography, and unexpected imagery, Mod Gen’s website is able to shine uniquely from their competitors. Not only that, but this redesign fits their fun style as well. Mod Gen finally has the modern twist it needed!