Software: Photoshop + After Effects

An animatic about a cat in search for treasure but stumbles upon something else.


Creating this story required a creation of a new world. This world is a mystical, underwater environment that is hidden in the depths of a body of water.

To get the feel of what this would look like, beat boards were made to process the mystical vibes.


A key component to putting this story together came through these small thumbnails. It helped grasp the pacing in a short amount of time.

making the characters

Florence (the land cat) and Kairi (the mercat) were designed with various color pallets. Florence was chosen to have warm, earth tones to contrast Kairi’s cool and fanciful colors.

the frames

The animation was done in After Effects. While animatics are often rough, Petrified was approached slightly differently. Since it was never going to be fully animated, a selection of moments in the story were rendered with color. Most of the time, the colored scenes were establishing shots or key moments that could do with some emphasis.

the story continues

As a supplement to the animatic, a short comic was made about Kairi’s backstory. It explains her motivations, taking a peek into her memories of the first land cat to visit her.