Squivvle Typeface

Program: Illustrator
Squivvle is a display typeface of the handwritten variety. Calling back to the days of learning cursive, Squivvle presents the classic, cursive script with a little flair. It loops and swoops over and under itself without a care but its simple design allows for easy reading.


Squivvle is balancing a lot of elements. Those loops quickly became knots as things grew more complicated. Finding a way to simplify the typeface to its essential parts was important if Squivvle was going to work. Having the thin separation between strokes was the solution it needed. It showed depth without needing shading or hatching which would only clutter the design.


Squivvle has gone through much change compared to its original conception. The first graph drawings imagined the typeface as outlines with shading.

But after scanning and starting to vectorize the letterforms, issues started to arise with the actual logistics of how each letter would connect.

Eventually, the letterforms were made solid for a more flowing connection. The path of the stroke was carefully thought out and how each letter would react to each other was considered.


The final form of Squivvle is a delight to the eyes. It harkens back to the simpler days when one was first learning about cursive but with more fun and loopy-loops.